About Vaperite

WELCOME TO VAPERITE – South Africa’s largest Vape Shop outlet chain

A vape shop, technically speaking,would simply be a retail outlet specializing in the sale of electronic cigarette products. There are even online vape shops which deliver to you through the use of a courier service. A vape shop offers a range of e-cigarette products that are not obtained from “Big Tobacco” companies.

Vaperite on the other hand, is not just another vape shop outlet chain. Vaperite, as a whole,has a far deeper meaning

The People

For Vaperite,it all starts and ends with the people.Vaperite’s staff is definitely the heart and soul of the company. The Vaperite staff are young, eager to learn, and full of energy! Our willingness to change and grow with our customers and the industry is a highly valued aspect.Vaperite’s management team are goal driven, extremely hard working and take their roles seriously in order to ensure all teamwork, communication, objective settings and performance appraisals are met so that our customers experience the best service possible.

The Customers

Vaperite has a huge passion for this line of work as we are blessed with a wonderful existing and growing client base. We are focused on ensuring that all customers are happy with our level of service.Our teams are constantly working to improve the level of customer service, product knowledge and ambience our customers receive.We love sharing knowledge so that our customers are always fully equipped to make purchasing decisions that best suit their needs. Our online platform is constantly updated with useful vape-related educational information which is easily accessible to the public. Each customer that enters our stores is treated as an individual with unique needs. Our staff are well-trained, highly motivated, full of good vibes and are fully committed to our customers. Customer relationships are extremely important to us.

The Environment

Vaperite has one of the best environments when it comes to vape shop settings. We are constantly renovating and re-organizing our shops to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible! From amazing educational videos on screens to astonishing vape tricks and money-saving specials, we keep our screens updated with great content for our customers!The environment our customers experience when entering our stores is packed with vibrant, good energy and lots of willingness to assist from our staff’s side. Most of our stores even have couches/chairs where our customers are able to sit and relax for a moment while enjoying the environment!

The Products

With competitive prices and special discounts, Vaperite’s products are oftenfairly priced. Vaperite sells popular, top of the range, qualityelectronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and vape related accessories. A subsection of Vaperite is also Canna-Rite, where products such as CBD (cannabidiol) oils, e-liquid and treats for medicinal or relaxation use are sold. Cannabis related paraphernalia,bongs, hand pipes, rolling papersanddry herb vaporizersare also sold. Due to the current legislation -noTHC products are sold.

The Locations

Over time, Vaperite has expanded into variousdifferent areas to make our shops easily accessible to all of our customers. Vaperite currently has 17 different vape shops located in PE, East London, Pretoria, Joburg and Cape Town.

We do our utmost best to ensure that all of our customers are spoilt for choice with our large and exciting variety of productsand that each customer receives excellent customer service in the best possible environment. And although being given such a big variety to choose from is a major plus for our customers,it can be daunting too. For this very reason, we have amazing sales staff ready to help our customers make the best possible choice based on their individual needs.So there you have it, Vaperite is notjust a vape shop, we are a family. We care about ourcustomers and welcome them with open arms.

We hope to see You at your nearest Vaperite soon!