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Does vaping marijuana get you way higher than smoking it?

Vaping marijuana – How high it can make you?

Tackling age-old controversy with science to back up the facts.

There are quite a few things at play here. We’re going to take a look at some of the most important factors that can either make or break your next session with Marijuana. 

What are the effects of smoking versus vaping marijuana?

To start with, vaping cannabis rather than smoking it will provide a much smoother sensation on your lungs and throat, as you won’t be inhaling combusted plant particles or hot smoke. 

When it comes to the psychoactive effects of THC, vaping and smoking cannabis provide quite different outcomes. For one, vaping instead of smoking will give you a much ‘cleaner’ high. It removes the heavy-headed, lazy feeling that is common in cannabis. 

Users who use a vaporizer can expect a much more energetic and responsive high. Also as vapour density is much less thick than that of cannabis smoke, you won’t have to worry about a pungent cannabis smell following you around. 

On the other hand, it is worth noting that vaping cannabis might actually result in a dry mouth and red eyes easier, a 2018 study concludes. 

The study further tested the participants’ reaction time, of which all tests resulted in an even 120-millisecond delay in response time when either smoking or vaping cannabis, compared to their reaction times when smoking or vaping cannabis without any THC present. Reaction time is an important factor to consider when driving. 

Data was further collected from participants through a computerized divided attention test. Participants showed a major decrease in accuracy when THC was smoked. An even further decrease in accuracy was reported in individuals who vaped the same amount of THC. 

Between smoking and vaping marijuana, is there any difference in the THC level?

Marijuana vaping - THC difference between smoking and vaping


Smoking cannabis using igniting plant material has been the traditional way of consuming cannabis for a very long time. But is it the most effective way to get those cannabinoids into your system? 

Introducing a flame to your cannabis is a less effective way to release cannabinoids for inhalation. Many cannabinoids are simply destroyed/incinerated upon impact. (These cannabinoids are released at a much lower temperature and are mostly spared when using a temperature-controlled vaporizer). In addition, it changes the structure of some components in the plant and creates unwanted byproducts, like tar for example! 

Scientific research insights

Vaping cannabis can preserve and release upwards of 90% of the THC (and other cannabinoids). Whereas smoking (igniting) your cannabis can destroy up to 70% of the THC upon impact. Looking at these statistics, it should be no surprise that vaping cannabis will get you much, much higher than the traditional way of smoking. 

A study at the John Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit in Baltimore tested 17 healthy adults. All were regular cannabis users – and were provided with 0, 10, or 25mg of THC to monitor the effects. 

In every case, those who vaped the same amount of THC as those who smoked it were shown to have a higher THC concentration in their bloodstream. On the other hand, those who smoked cannabis instead of vaping reported feeling it instantly. The effects did not wear off as soon as those who vaped their cannabis. Individuals who vaped their cannabis also experienced a delay before feeling any psychoactive effect. 

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are released when cannabis is heated to a certain degree, and heating the plant matter any further will only result in combustion, destroying much of your cannabinoids. 

As such, when vaping marijuana, users will definitely experience a more intense high than if the same amount of cannabis was ignited and smoked in any traditional way (Joint, bong, pipe, etc.)   

Fun fact: THC is released from cannabis at 177-204°C, a lighter flame introduces a whopping 2200 °C! A joint heats up to 900 °C when puffing, and stays at around 400 °C normally. You do the math. 

What are the best cannabis strains if your cannabis tolerance is low?

Different types of cannabis strains - Cannarite

Usually when people say “I have a low tolerance to cannabis” they are likely referring to the psychoactive compound that is THC. 

Luckily we live in a day and age where you can source just about any strain and any potency, whether it be THC or CBD dominant, or a blend of both!  

Strains with a low THC profile: (CBD dominant)

  • Purple punch feminized
  • Dutch Passion – CBD Charlotte’s angel
  • Dutch Passion – CBD kush
  • Aurora Indica
  • Nebula CBD 

General cannabis vaping techniques to prevent getting extremely high.

Getting too high accidentally is a mistake that can turn any amount of fun into a perceived disaster – really quickly. Vaping marijuana can be revolutionary in terms of health and efficiency, however, it’s almost too easy to get (and we cannot stress this enough) insanely ripped, if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

Here are some quick tips to avoid this scenario:
  • Be aware of the strain you’re vaping

A THC-concentrated strain should be used carefully and in moderation – one puff can make a big difference. 

  • Vape and assess 

After your first puff, sit back and see how you feel. Indulging before any effects are felt is a top-tier way of ruining your experience in record time, as you simply won’t know what to expect. 

  • MTL (mouth to lung) instead of DTL (direct to lung) 

Vaping MTL will naturally contain less THC with each puff, making it easier to systematically vape more for the desired effect. DTL vaping can easily contain way too much THC in one inhalation, making it extremely easy to take ‘one hit’ and be way too high for comfort. 

Below are Vaperite’s best dry herb vaporizers that you can customize based on your needs.

A few products to look at:

Plenty CE South Africa - Cannarite - Vape Store

The name says it all – plenty to discover! 

This device’s adjustable airflow, as well as accurate temperature settings, allow for an ultimately personalized vaping experience. This device is best for dry herb only. 

DAVINCI Miqro Vaporizer - Vape and Cannabis Shop in South Africa

The adjustable oven pearl in this device lets users consume much less herb while keeping the intense flavor and all desired effects. To add to the splendor, the Davinci Miqro comes with precision temperature control to cater to various needs.

Atmos – Aegis V2 Kit - Vape and Cannabis Shop in South Africa

Small, sleek, and packs a powerful punch (if you allow it) 

This device features convection air-based heating, which makes it impossible for you to accidentally combust your cannabis if it came into contact with the element or if heated too long. Needless to say, this device will stretch the tiniest amount of flower for miles, without cutting down on the intensity of the high.

BLK Black Mamba Kit - Vape and Cannabis Shop in South Africa

This ultra-sleek teardrop-shaped vaporizer truly is using the minimalistic approach. 

Designed for dry herbs only, the device offers a pretty impressive chamber size that can cater for 2 – 3 people per session, if so desired.

Including 5 temperature settings, you don’t have to worry about overheating your cannabis for some surprise after effects.