Are you new to using a dry herb vaporizer and have no clue what you’re doing? Then you are in the right place. Here we’ll go through everything you need to know about dry herb vapes and how to use them.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just putting cannabis into it and switching it on, but do not fear as it will all be explained shortly.

Let’s look at what you’ll need to use a Dry Herb Vape

This is a list of the few necessary items to getting you started using your dry herb vaporizer to it’s full potential.


Cannabis, or known as “Herb”. For the best result use cured cannabis that isn’t sticky or too dry, yes not too dry, otherwise it won’t be as effective and vaporize to quickly.

Dry herb vape | Get the most from your Dry Herb Vaporizer | Canna-Rite | Vaperite

Fresh cannabis will not vaporize effectively, it still contains too much water content and won’t be as potent as properly cured cannabis. The same applies for overly cured herb as it will lead to a very unsatisfying session.

The best thing to do is add a Boveda 2-way humidity control pack with your stash to help cure your cannabis efficiently and maintain the correct humidity for much longer. This allows being able to store more herb for longer without your cannabis becoming too dry and always having stash ready to smoke or in this case, vaporize.

Cannabis Accessories

Boveda Humidity Control Packs



Grinders are essential tools for getting cannabis to the perfect size and texture for your dry herb vaporizer. Too small or large of a grind could vaporizes less effectively.

This is why quality grinders with drop-holes are more popular, as they do provide the same grind size every time. But if you do prefer a simpler grinder, simply ensure not to over grind your cannabis when preparing a dry herb vape session.

Dry herb vape | Get the most from your Dry Herb Vaporizer | Canna-Rite | Vaperite

Grinding your herb allows for the most surface area to be exposed and ensures little to no cannabis goes unheated during a session. An example of a magnificent grinder would be the Black leaf new edge 4-part grinder as its teeth allow for finely ground, fluffy finish.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaperite offers a large variety of dry herb vaporizers for sale, most commonly known portable units are from brands like Atmos or Storz & Bickel.

To be more specific, the Vicod 5G and Swiss Kit from Atmos. The Crafty and Mighty from Storz & Bickel.

It is important to make sure that the cannabis loading chamber is always as clean and free from remnants of previous sessions as possible to allow for the best quality of vapor to be produced for every use. This also preserves the quality of your dry herb vaporizer.

The best time to clean the dry herb vaporizer’s cannabis loading chamber is right after vaping a session, when the chamber is still warm, making it possible to simply wipe down. Ensure to use a dry paper towel or a cotton swab with alcohol if needed. If alcohol was used ensure to dry out the loading chamber before using it again.

When packing the chamber, you should allow enough room for good airflow while filling the whole chamber. For convection vaporizers you want more room for airflow, while conduction vaporizers work best with a firmer pack. But this may differ from device to device

Dry herb vape | Get the most from your Dry Herb Vaporizer | Canna-Rite | Vaperite | Mighty dry herb Vape

Temperature gauging

Now this is by no means exact measurements but more so a guide to finding what temperatures will work best for you when using dry herb vapes.

  • 160-180 ̊C – This is the best temperature range for a “mind high” or “head high” and producing the best flavour.
  • 180-200 ̊C – Produces great flavour with a better “mind high” or “head high”, bodily effects will be more apparent at these temperatures
  • 200 ̊C+ – Optimal vapour production and a much quicker THC delivery that’s strong and long lasting. Might be harsher on the throat and heavy bodily effects will be felt.
Dry herb vape | Get the most from your Dry Herb Vaporizer | Canna-Rite | Vaperite | temperature settings

You are now ready to enjoy every aspect of your dry herb vaporizer. Vaperite offers a wide range of dry herb vapes to cannabis extract vaporizers and the accessories for each of them. With reputable brands to choose from such as Puffco, Storz & Bickel or Atmos, Vaperite staff are well trained and ready to help you find the best dry herb or cannabis extract vaporizer for you.

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