Brutal Premium E-Liquid

Our Brutal Vape juice range was developed back in June 2017 and as the times changed, so did we. The range has evolved into one of the most popular fruit fusion vape juice ranges out there! 

Fancy having options to choose from, we are brutally honest when we say: “We’ve got you covered!” The 5 exhilarating flavour profiles are available in:

  • Mouth-to-lung (MTL)
  • Saltnic
  • Freebase / Normal
  • CBD

All of the available fruit fusion flavours (that naturally and perfectly complement each other) are also available in a frosty, refreshing “On Ice” option.

Our fruit fusion flavours offer the pure fruity goodness you came to expect from us, so do not beat around the bush any longer, and explore our E-liquids, bursting fresh fruit flavour blends below: 

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