Spook Range

It’s Alive! Muhahaha… Back in March 2018 on a cold and stormy night, our mad scientists did it again!  Not only did their experiments yield some of our craziest fruit fusion flavours yet, but we also brought out the additional test tubes, beakers and flask to make sure that each one of you gets exactly what you want out of the 5 different flavour variants! 

  • Like to take it all the way in? We’ve got you covered as all the flavour variants are available in a mouth-to-lung variant (MTL).
  • Want something with more punch? Got it! All the variants are available in Saltnic 
  • More of a traditional vaper? Yep, we thought of that too in the freebase / normal variant.

But, they were not done yet, each one of the juices is also available with some extra chill in the form of  “On Ice” variants. 

If you can’t find something to your liking from the flavours below, it probably does not exist!

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