Reakiro CBD

The founding of Reakiro was preceded by a group of enthusiasts deciding to create more than just a business but a product that would help and benefit people.

Having studied the needs and issues, it became obvious that the main one is health, as well as healthy sleep and relaxation. Over the last decade, sports and fitness have become an increasingly popular part of the way of life.

And understanding the needs of people from every corner of the world, Reakiro’s experts decided on starting a full-cycle production of CBD oil. Reakiro approached the matter with the greatest attention to detail.

selected the best flower strains for cultivation, chose the region of Poland with the most favorable climate, and went on to find the most experienced professionals in Europe to create the products of the highest quality.

And this is how Reakiro was established after years of preparations. Today, the company produces the finest and purest CBD oil on the market

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